Olympus CX23LED Clinical Microscope

New Release
Long term, cost effective performance for Veterinary Applications. Upright microscope with built-in LED illumination. This imaging microscope produces a more uniform, controllable and stable illumination of samples to thatprovided by halogen bulbs.
  • High-quality clear images with a stable colour balance at any brightness level due to the incorporation of plan corrected UIS2 objectives
  • LED illumination is cost effective as it eliminates the need for frequent halogen globe replacements
  • Ergonomic lay out of the main controls (focus knobs, light control adjustment and stage handle) enables quick operation with minimal movement
  • Mechanical stage focus lock prevents objective and specimen damage
  • Expected lifetime of LED is over 20,000 hours
  • Supplied with 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x objectives
  • Weight: 6kg
Price: $1,100

Dr Fritz Small Animal Arthroscopy Hand Instruments 

Premium quality instruments for long term performance designed exclusively for Veterinary applications.
Bayonet Knife with Handle, 2.7mm                                                       *Visit the Dr Fritz Website*
Price: $310                                                                                            
Banana Knife with Handle, 2.7mm                                                          
Price: $310
Curette Curved with Handle, 2.7mm              
Price: $310
Ring Curette with Handle, 2.7mm                  
Price: $310
Meniscutome Smilie with Handle, 2.7mm      
Price: $310
Hook Probe with Handle, 2.2mm                    
Price: $310
Mikro Picking Knife with Handle, 2.7mm        
Price: $310
Hook Knife with Handle, 2.7mm                     
Price: $310  
Milling Drill, 2.2mm, Working Length 12cm    
Price: $500
Mini Grasping Forcep, 2mm, Working Length 11cm                  
Price: $1,200
Mini Rongeur & Biopsy Forcep, 2mm, Working Length 11cm    
Price: $1,050
Mini Punch for Arthroscopy, 2mm, Working Length 11cm          
Price: $1,050
Mini Scissors for Arthroscopy, 2mm, Working Length 11cm       
Price: $1,050
Dr Fritz Small Animal Working Cannula Set (Trocar Changing System)
The Dr Fritz Working Cannula Set "Shoulder & Elbow" with Trocar Changing System allows the specific exchange of different working cannulas. Beginning with the smallest diameter, the vet can always change to a bigger diameter by using the changing rods supplied.
Cannula Set Includes:
  • 3 Cannulas for Elbow 2.3mm, 2.9mm and 3.5mm, Working Length 3cm-5.5cm
  • 2 Cannulas for Shoulder 2.9mm and 3.5mm, Working Length 7cm-8cm
  • 2 Sharp Trocars
  • 2 Changing Rods, 2.3mm and 2.8mm
Price: $850


Dr Fritz Small Animal Arthroscopy Accessories and Equine Arthroscopy Instruments 

Accessories designed specifically for Veterinary Arthroscopy.


Dr Fritz Pressure Infusion Cuff
Reusable and high quality manufacturing. Available with or without manometer and additional Luer Lock (fem) for Pressure Infusor.
Price:  $280  500ml-1 Litre (without manometer)
           $390  500ml-1 Litre (with manometer)
           $390  3-5 Litre (without manometer)
           $690  3-5 Litre (with manometer)
Dr Fritz Pneumatic Infusor
Fluid system supply for Arthroscopy. Pressure Infusors pose the best option for Veterinary Arthroscopy as well as for fluid supply. Used in conjuction with Pressure Infusion Cuffs, intra articular fluid pressure can be maintained automatically over a range of pressures. Connected to a central pressure supply, the system is very easy to handle and does not experience problems like conventional roller type pumps.
Infusor supplied with 3m tube for connection to central pressure supply.
Pressure Infusion Bag sold separately.
Price: $1,695


Ferris Smith Cushing Rongeurs
Premium quality German made rongeurs. Features straight tip with 180mm working length.
Sizes Available:
  • 2mm W x 10mm L Tip
  • 3mm W x 10mm L Tip
  • 4mm W x 10mm L Tip
  • 5mm W x 10mm L Tip
  • 6mm W x 10mm L Tip
Ideal for Equine Arthroscopic Applications
Price: $885

Dr Fritz hand instruments are high quality, extremely durable and specifically designed for Equine Arthroscopy.

Hook Probe with Handle, 3mm, Working Length 12cm
Price: $200
Special Knife with Handle, 3mm, Break Safe Special Cut
Price: $260
Curette Straight with Handle, Oval Cup 6 x 4mm
Price: $200
Elevator Curved with Handle, 6mm
Price: $200
Osteotome Curved with Handle, 6mm
Price: $200
Osteotome Straight with Handle, 4mm
Price: $200
Egress Cannula with Sharp Trocar and Stopcock, 3mm, Working Length 7cm
Price: $250
Egress Cannula with Sharp Trocar and Stopcock, 4mm, Working Length 7cm
Price: $250
Special Egress Cannula Straight, Oval Cup, 5.5 x 3mm
and Luer Lock (f) Suction Connector, Working Length 11cm
Price: $410
Curette, 35 Degree Oblique Left, Oval Cup, 6 x 4mm
Price: $210
Curette, 35 Degree Oblique Right, Oval Cup, 6 x 4mm
Price: $210
Special Elevator for Coffin Joint, Working Length 12cm
Price: $235
Special Elevator for Sesamoide Fractures, Curved, Long 4mm
Price: $315
Hook Scissors, Straight, Single Action Jaws, 4mm, Working Length 15cm
Price: $760

Dr Fritz Small Animal 5mm Laparoscopy Hand Instruments 

Dr Fritz Small Animal Laparoscopy instruments are easily dismantable and rotatable through 360 degrees. Each instrument supplied complete with jaw insert, sheath and ratchet handle.
Mini Metzenbaum Scissors
Curved Left, Insulated
5mm, Working Length 33cm
Price: $650
Hook Scissors
Single Action Jaws, Insulated
5mm, Working Length 33cm
Price: $560
Biopsy Forcep with Spike
Double Action Jaws, Insulated
5mm, Working Length 33cm
Price: $690
Dissecting Forcep Maryland
Turned, Insulated
5mm, Working Length 33cm
Price: $600
Grasping Forcep Universal
5mm, Working Length 33cm
Price: $690
Grasping Forcep Claw
Straight, Metal
5mm, Working Length 33cm
Price: $690


Needle Holder Curved with Handle
For Small Animal and Equine applications.
Overstraining protected.
5mm, Working Length 37cm
Price: $890
Injection and Puncture Cannula
Interchangable Needle (supplied 1 x 26mm) with protection outer tube and inside tube with leur lock connector.
5mm, Working Length 33cm or 47cm
Also suitable for Equine use
Price: $300



Dr Fritz Equine 10mm Laparoscopy Hand Instruments 

Dr Fritz Equine Laparoscopy instruments are easily dismantable and rotatable through 360 degrees. Each instrument supplied complete with jaw insert, sheath and ratchet handle.
Mayo Scissors
Curved, Insulated
10mm, Working Length 37cm
Price: $700
Dissecting Forcep Overholt
Turned, Insulated
10mm, Working Length 37cm
Price: $660
Grasping Forcep Babcock
10mm, Working Length 37cm
Price: $750
Grasping Forcep Universal
Double Action Jaws, Insultaed
10mm, Working Length 37cm
Price: $750
Grasping Forcep Atraumatic
10mm, Working Length 37cm
Price: $750
Grasping Forcep Claw
Double Action Jaws, Metal
10mm, Working Length 37cm
Price: $700
Suction/Irrigation Instrument
This sytem allows a total separartion of suction and irrigation canal. Insulated tube.
Price: $695 5mm, Working Length 30cm or 37cm
          $805 10mm, Working Length 30cm or 37cm


Bipolar Coagulating & Cutting Forcep Disposable
Price: $380 5mm or 10mm, Working Length 32cm
          $190 Bipolar Cable 3m (compatible with Valleylab Diathermy units)

Endoscopic Cleaning Solutions and Staff Protection 

Cleaning solutions to provide maximum protection and disinfection for your endoscopy equipment as well as protecting your staff.
Matrix Biofilm Remover Cleaning Solution
Matrix is a breakthrough in validated cleaning protocols. More effective than enzymatic cleaners, Matrix is the only proven solution designed to remove bacterial biofilms in which both bacteria and other microorganisms may be imbedded on flexible and rigid endoscopes and accessories which have accumulated over time due to insufficient cleaning.
Price: $200 for 5 Litre
Medizyme Multi-Enzyme Cleaning Solution
Medizyme is totally compatible with all flexible and rigid endoscopes due to its neutral PH. Provides safe and effective cleaning against all types of biological soils and biofilms. Increased assurance of cleaning where visible cleanliness cannot be checked. This is essential in all aspects of infection control and biosecurity.
Medizyme provides a combination of better detergency, removal of ingrained surface films and good rinsing ability to ensure the best possible results.
Price: $20 for 500ml  
           $110 for 5 Litre
OPAL High Level Disinfectant/Sterilant
Opal® is an Ortho-Phthalaldehyde (OPA) based high level disinfectant that features a reuse period up to twice the length of competitors.* Opal® is suitable for manual disinfection of compatible Endoscopy and Veterinary instruments, accessories and devices.
  • 6-minute contact time
  • Used at room temperature (20˚C)
  • Effective against a wide array of micro-organisms
  • Up to 21 day use-life
  • Ready-to-use, no mixing or activation required
  • Contains: Ortho-Phthalaldehyde 5.7g/L
  • Shelf life is 24 months (unopened)

Price: $150 (5 Litre)

OPAL Test Strips
OPAL™ Test Strips are chemical indicators for use in determining sterilisation.
  • Easy to use - 3 second dip time
  • Results in 90 seconds
  • Colour reference chart to confirm concentration amount
  • Large, easy to read indicator pad
  • Shelf life is 24 months unopened or 6 months opened

Price: $60 (50 Test Strips)


Endoscopic Accessories and Ancillaries

A great range of endoscopy accessories for your veterinary practice.


Endoscope Security Hangers
Hangers provide a safe and effective means of storing your flexible endoscopes. Made of moulded plastic, the hangers are supplied with integral locks to secure both the scope and umbilical cord. Supplied with screws for mounting.
Single Scope Hanger - 200mm W x 100mm D
Double Scope Hanger - 400mm W x 100mm D
Price: $260 Single or $350 Double
Standard Single Scope Hanger
Requires only two screws for mounting.
Dimensions: 146mm W x 135mm D

Price: $135

Olympus and Pentax Leakage Testers
Designed to detect and identify leaks from your flexible endoscopes. Stops potential fluid invasion thereby preventing the possibility of costly repairs, cross infection and downtime.
All flexible endoscopes must be leak tested prior to every submersion to ensure you, your patients and your scopes are protected. A great endoscope insurance policy!!
Price: $375




Sterile Camera Sleeve with Telescope Adaptor

Disposable surgical sterile camera sleeve/cover with enclosed adaptor for telescope connection. Safe, quick and easy application. Latex free.


Offers 100% sterility without chemicals to reduce risk of infection.

Hassle-free equipment protection.


Dimensions: 14cm W x 285cm L


Price: $22 Each or $760 Box of 40


Askir Suction Pump
Compact, high performance unit designed for both endoscopic aspiration and surgical suction. Unit is supplied complete with polycarbonate autoclavable 1 litre jar with overflow valve and antibacterial filter. Pump is equipped with aspiration regulator and vacuum indicator.
  • Portable, lightweight unit - only 3.6kg
  • Designed for almost continuous use up to 120 minutes
  • Maximum suction flow 30 litres per minute
  • Dimensions: 350mm W x 180mm L x 210mm H
  • Made of highly heat resistant, electrically insulated plastic
  • Voltage 230V/50Hz
Standard accessories included are: Tube Set 6 x 10mm, Probe Connector, Aspiration Probe, Antibacterial Filter and Aspiration Jar 1 Litre.
Price: $750

Busse Mucus Specimen Trap

A simple yet efficient way to collect specimens using any suction pump during an endoscopic procedure.



  • See-through plastic container 80cc with graduations clearly marked
  • Disposable adaptor prevents contamination from non-sterile suction tube
  • Screw-on cap protects lips and helps maintain sterile pouring surface
  • Collapse-proof 5" heavy long wall
  • Latex Free tubing

Price: $10 Each or $190 Box of 25



Salli Sway Ergonomic Saddle Stool

Ergonomic stool ideal for Vets. The Salli Sway will improve work efficiency, reduce shoulder and back tension and lower risk of knee and hip problems.



  • The Salli Sway saddle chair has a rocking mechanism that enables the seat to be tilted into every direction without a separate adjustment lever
  • The Sway mechanism makes it possible for the user to exercise while sitting, which adds to the mobility and metabolism of the lower back, and activates the whole body
  • Strong design will take a maximum load of 150kg
  • Hand controlled height adjustment with gas spring
  • Quality leather seat
  • Saddle chair’s total weight 10.5kg

Three different stool sizes:

  • Small - Height Between 46cm - 59cm
  • Medium - Height Between 56cm - 74cm
  • Large - Height Between 62cm - 87cm


Available In:


Classic Black Ocean Blue Ferrari Red

Mossy Green Leather Brown Light Beige


Clink on this link to view chair in use:


Price: $495